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Starting out from a small metal workshop in 1972, Yue Po International Ltd (YPT), a member of Yue Po Engineering Co. Lt under the Yue Po Group was founded in 1982 and has evolved to become one of the earliest and largest commercial foodservice equipment manufacturers in China and, around the world today. Embracing the vision of “Continuous improvement makes it perfect”, YPT grew into a reputable business over 37 years to deliver professional foodservice products and quality services to society.

Principally engaged in supplying high quality stainless steel commercial kitchen and catering equipment to both the local and worldwide markets, YPT gained its fame from serving a large number of customers in all major industries, including hotels, restaurants, chain stores, fast food groups, hospitals, universities and public utilities. It is also hugely involved in research & development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and consultancy, and has provided its clients with countless commercial kitchen schemes and= programs, thus promoting the growth of the foodservice industry in China.

YPT is also known for their high quality Chinese cooking range of equipment as well as their fusion concepts which are now largely used in the hospitality industry. This flexibility has allowed YPT to have a greater impact on the food service industry.

As a well-established commercial foodservice equipment manufacturer, the Yue Po Group has grown in size over the years. The Group is divided into 3 major divisions:
1. Yue Po Engineering Co. Ltd – the headquarters of the group that is responsible for the Hong Kong and Macau regions along with the management of the group.
2. YPT International Ltd – responsible for the international marketing and trading.
3. Yu Fu Bao Kitchenware Equipment (Shenzhen) – the R&D and manufacturing centre which is responsible for installation, marketing and servicing for all trades in the mainland China region.

YPT’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are spread over 20,000 square feet with 550 skilled manufacturing employees and a 100-strong sales and administration team in its Hong Kong office. The manufacturing centres are equipped with CNC turret punches, CNC laser cutting systems and other automated machines along with over 100 assembly lines.

YPT has always led with a steadfast mission that is, to provide safe, energy-efficient and environmentallyfriendly products to customers while adhering to the energy-saving scheme from the government. The gas, electric and refrigeration equipments from YPT are the first in the industry to be certified according to China’s QS standard to qualify as the highest quality. With a continuous development policy in place, YPT is prepared to meet every challenge and opportunity ahead of it. Because of its professional knowledge, long term planning and commitment to society, YPT continues to do its best in providing better services and more efficient and environmental-friendly products for its customers.

To fit the requirement of the modern entrepreneur management, YPT became one of the earliest industries to be certified with the ISO 9001 certificate in 1999. YPT’s series of products are certified by the COC, CCC, QS, CE, CSA, NSF etc., as well as local and international certification schemes. This international standard is of great importance to YPT as this is its direction for providing the best equipments and services to our customers. All the awards, honours, certificates and international professional recognition is a concrete testament to YPT’s success and competitiveness in the local and international market.

Since 1982, YPT has clearly consolidated its place in the industry. The timeline below demonstrates the growth and success that this manufacturing giant has achieved along the way.

YPT strongly believes that R&D, brand development, quality control and customer service are the most important ingredients for a successful business.

Research & Development (R&D) – As one of the leaders in the industry, YPT continuously researches to generate new products with better innovations. The business has successfully created a series of products which are safe, environmentally friendly, durable, stylish and widely accepted by its satisfied customers. YPT is also involved in the establishment of the China GB standard for commercial catering equipments. This allows the sharing of expertise and knowledge in the industry and motivates the fulfilment of the industry standard.

Manufacturing – The skilled production team and experience management team from YPT endorses lean manufacturing along with the efficient production planning system and the precise CNC machinery. Quality assurance and continuous improvement is closely executed among YPT’s staff to satisfy every requirement of their customers.

Quality Control – When it comes to quality control, the management and production teams at YPT have high expectations and demands on quality as well as a strong focus on quality control in every aspect. Every manufacturing process is closely monitored and regulated to ensure that inferior products are not produced.

Aftersales Service – It has always been a top priority of YPT’s customer service team to put its customers’ requirements first and foremost. Satisfying the customers’ needs is the most important factor in their customer care program. In fact, in order to deliver added value to their customers, all YPT’s business decisions are based on the customer’s requirements and opinions in order to turn their ideas into reality. YPT also breaks away from the traditional concept of customer service by providing a “Sunflower Service Tour” program. In this program, certified YPT technicians will visit customers on a regular basis to provide services, preventive maintenance and the latest information.

Electrical cooking equipment, warming equipment, Western equipment and induction cooking series, environmental cooking range series, ice machines & refrigeration series, instantaneous water boiler, grease extraction ventilator – these are but a few of the many products that YPT offers to its customers.

Despite its extensive range of products manufactured, YPT is more widely known as a specialist for its environmental Chinese cooking range of equipment under the Flame-Mate brand. Applying a unique pre-mix burner technology and new innovative flame failure device, Flame-Mate creates a brand new series of Environmental Cooking Range. With these new features, Flame-Mate’s Environmental Cooking Range Series are silent in operation, more energy-saving and watersaving as well as safer to operate. These benefits can solve all the drawbacks created by the traditional cooking range, thus bringing Chinese cooking into the new era. Flame-Mate cooking range caters to the Chinese styles of cooking such as stir frying, steaming, baking, soup-cooking, and duck and pork barbequing or roasting.

Going further down the road of quality manufacturing, YPT has also developed Flame-Mate 2.0, a sustainable and improved version of the original Flame-Mate. Boasting an optimised design outlook, user-friendly operation and function of Chinese cooking equipment, Flame-Mate 2.0 becomes the best choice for premium kitchens. With advanced appearance and functions, this latest version offers a unique equipment profile, making it outstanding in the Front-of-House kitchens and minimised rusting issue in humid working environments. By applying advanced craftsmanship, hygiene is further improved while the cooking function is upgraded to achieve a user-friendly experience and improved cooking quality.

Over the last few years, YPT has expanded double-fold and are intent to continue with the same momentum in the next 10 years to come. This manufacturing constantly improves its production methodology by using its very own in-house guidelines and keeping up with market trends.

With a solid company foundation, continuous investment in R&D and distinct reputation in the industries, YPT has become the leading commercial kitchen and catering equipment manufacturer and supplier. In the year ahead, with great enthusiasm in substantial development, YPT will place itself in a leading position in the industry by innovation, customer-orientation and professionalism.

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