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metos2Metos introduces its latest range of bratt pans for large volumes. The FUTURA bratt pans serving volumes of 25L to 100L and the FUTURA HD Bratt pans serving 100L to 200L have extremely fast heating and fast heat recover y. Also released is the upgraded floor fitted range – Metos Prince Bratt pans.

True to Metos’s commitment to kitchen intelligence, the bratt pans are designed for easy use and maintenance. Uniform surfaces and rounded corners with strong tilting mechanism, available manually or electrically are sturdy designs with practical application of temperature control. The bigger models of both FUTURA series offers separately controlled frying zones making it possible for your staff to manage production and quality with one side frying while the other for temporary holding in one single unit.

Fully constructed in stainless steel, the cooking sur faces are designed with rounded corners for easy cleaning with built in water filling taps or optional hand shower* with retractable hose on top of ergonomic height adjustments provides users flexibility and varied application in the kitchen.

FUTURA HD’s has a raised control panel, protecting it from collision and spills while both Futura Bratt pan and Prince bratt pan is wall mountable with its control panel placed in front.

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*Hand shower versions available only for METOS FUTURA HDmodels.