HOST 2015 – special review

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host9HOST 2015 at Fiera Milano from the 23rd to the 27th of October brought manufacturers from all around the world to Milan and we were there to scout, per use and more importantly be on the lookout for the next big technology and news.



Awarded the SMART LABEL award, Metos’s Marvel Pressure Steamer is a dedicated steamer that allows you to cook, defrost and regenerate all types of food, including delicate items.

Intelligent Interface
Users communicate on a large touch screen panel which is colour coded to make it easier for chefs to visually know the stage of process to organise work around the kitchen. Metos Marvel multi language inter face allows a user to create and store recipes in just seconds. Cooking in a pressurised steamer is 2-5 times faster and you can easily monitor it with a core temperature probe for delta-T cooking or sous vide products. For hygiene and maintenance, the inter face’s automated cleaning program reduces detergent use while service reminders and treatment programs are designed to protect its incoloy heating elements.

*The optional Metos wireless HACCP Tempnet system can be connected to the steamer as well to trace all cooking process, from any online device via the cloud server.

Safe And Secure Structure
Its acid proof stainless steel seamless chamber supports easy cleaning and is able to steam up to 120 °C (1bar) with an easy grip door handle that users can operate single handedly. The removable chamber rack also makes it easy for the user to position the temperature probe for a more accurate reading. Metos Marvel’s intelligent system secures the door when the cabinet is under pressure for safety and the hand shower allow users freedom of movement, yet keeps out of the way with a recoil mechanism. Available in 2 sizes of a single or double chamber, the Metos Marvel can hold up to 4 or 8 GN 1/1 65mm pans.


Knowing and understanding how a busy kitchen and service area at food counters coordinate food delivery had Küppersbusch working on a smart solution for a new combi steamer. The new ConvectAir2way was awarded a SMART LABEL Award and its features and functions were on show during HOST 2015.

Built with a door on both sides, similar to a pass through, the unit can be installed into a partitioned wall and works as a cooking and store/delivery unit – depending on which side of the wall you are standing. The idea is to allow the kitchen to prepare food in the kitchen, load them for cooking and on the other side, once its ready, the service staff can easily take them out and serve, or keep them warm. Food prepared will no longer need to be carried or car ted around, minimising unnecessary handling and reducing the need for additional food trolleys or manpower.

With large volumes of food passing through the kitchen, the thought on hygiene also played a role on how the ConvectAir2way was designed. The two feeds keep raw and cooked food completely separated – an important aspect in preventing germs and bacteria. In terms of operating, its Android TM based software allows you to write your own cooking program on the tablet and transfer it easily with a USB stick. And you can control what your service staff can operate on their end to ensure food consistency and eliminate tampering of programs.

The ConvectAir2way is available in electric version in sizes of 106 (6 x GN 1/1) and 110 (10xGN1/1).


Brushless blender? Brushless blenders are basically blenders that have no brushes but uses a permanent magnet rotor to give your blender advantages over the standard universal motor blenders.

SANTOS Brushless Blender #62 is one such blender. With a brushless motor, it has a longer lifetime with its minimal and easy maintenance. SANTOS patented DUAL Crushing Action is a two-way rotation of the blade to crush and blend any kind of ingredients in a short time, easily controlled with 6 programmable buttons with a LCD display. There are 30 pre-programmed recipes and you can easily create more with a free software and USB ready port on the unit. The blades are tin coated for high resistance and robust enough to withstand the demands of a busy bar or kitchen.

Its brushless motor contributes to its silent performance, with the sound further muted with the standard removable sound enclosure and sound reducing removable pad. Available in a standard version or in-counter version, SANTOS Brushless Blenders #62 is a quiet yet tough unit when in action.


Called the X-Oven, these charcoal ovens simply named X-Oven. 1for a single deck oven and X-Oven.3for triple deck was another winner of the SMART LABEL during HOST 2015. Like how traditional cooking depended on charcoal for heat yet infusing food with a unique flavour, the X-Ovens were able to translate that for modern day commercial kitchens.

Conceived by an Italian restaurant owner whose passion for the true flavour of grill sparked his quest to create a charcoal oven that preserves the idea, the X-Ovens are designed to mesh both tradition and modern cooking – its closed chamber designed to ensure the “embers” are alive, while avoiding risks on uncontrollable flames in a busy kitchen. Unlike placing food directly over an open flame grill where you can run into a risk of burning your food, it uses heat of the embers to wrap and seal the sur face of food, trapping its juices and flavour, while still giving it that natural “flame” aroma.

X-Ovens allows users to adjust the smoke outlet valve to modulate the food taste and with its triple deck unit, the chef can cook at different temperatures, thus working on various cooking techniques at 1 time.

Its small footprint saves space and with technology, the build of the ovens is able to ensure energy efficiency – a special side grill drawer system, and porcelain chamber all play a role in ensuring that the heat is controlled and heat loss reduced. A fire breaker device is integrated in the fumes exhaust system making safety a priority during design as well.

X-ovens is an effortless and safe grill cooking equipment – easy to install, light up, use, adjust and clean.


Bugatti launched and displayed “Noun”, their latest revolutionary cooking system at HOST, winning the Innovation Smart Label award.

Using two high-resistance heating elements made of transparent ceramic glass and integrated with a special semiconductor (GTH Technology – Glass Tech Hot Semiconductor Technology), the Bugatti NOUN gives life to a new, unique, healthy and exciting way of cooking, in glass transparency. The cooking occurs in direct contact, through far-infrared rays (FIR) and food like meat, fish, vegetables and bread, can be cooked at the ideal cooking temperature, adjustable from 50°C/122°F up to 300°/572°F. The heat enshrouds the dish, enters it deeply and evenly, bringing out aromas and flavours and preserving nutritional proper ties, with an impeccable, tasty and healthy result. Furthermore, cooking by direct contact prevents heat dispersion and excess heat. Fast and efficient, Noun reaches 300°C/572°F in just 80 seconds. Noun is provided with a “proximity touch” display to select the functions.

Thanks to the automatic lift, removing cooked food is absolutely easy. The glass heating elements slot goes from 8 up to 35mm and are easily removable in order to better clean them; furthermore Noun is equipped with a crumbtray. The high-temperature cooking bags give the possibility to cook any kind of food and prepare more elaborate dishes: by seasoning the food with sauces and spices.


As important as the food or drink that goes on it, the essentials of the right plates, cups and cutleries play an important role for the food industry. Used to seeing and using wine glasses? This one definitely caught our eyes and although it looks like one, it isn’t glass!

GOLD PLAST, an Italian company presented its collection of food and beverage utensils, with a new line focusing on finger food and the new unbreakable Triton@glasses – all made out of plastic. As a company with its history immersed in Italy’s style and fashionable luggage industry in the 70’s, the owners took a bold step to venture into a different path by choosing to bring their commitment to quality and style to the table by offering moulded disposable tableware.

Today, its R& D has developed a long list of utensils featuring elements like being recyclable, BPA free, unbreakable, dishwasher safe, high contrasting operating temperature (microwaveable or chill it) and high transparency, hence the reflection on the wine glass mentioned. The products adhere to international food safety legislation and are in accordance with the UNI EN ISO22000:2005 standards.

Its play with colours, shapes and designs brings a long list of possibilities and the ranges by GOLD PLAST stretches the imagination. The new finger food collections released during HOST works for both hot and cold appetizers – offering them in multitude of shapes and sizes with cutleries, serving trays or presentation stands to match. And we can’t say enough of its wine glasses, which is supported with a completed lineup of champagne flutes, cocktail glass, beer mugs and cups, ice buckets, coffee cups, jugs and more.