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Introduced at HOST 2015, ICY – the latest range of blast chiller from IRINOX is the answer to those who are looking for a cost effective, simple yet dependable solution in blast chilling and shock freezing processes.

Clean lines detailed with top quality construction reflect IRINOX’s commitment to guarantee the best performance and utmost efficiency in ever y ICY unit. Irinox’s Balance System®
ensures optimum performance with perfectly sized main refrigeration components for its 3 available sizes of S, M and L. And Irinox’s patented adjustable tray holder – MultiRack®will double the number of trays for all 3 models in which you can arrange 4 – 27 GN1/1 trays.

• ICY comes with a colour touch screen display with intuitive icons that allows the operator to use the equipment in just 3 easy steps.
• Every unit has 2 dedicated blast chilling cycles; DELICATE +3°C and STRONG +3°C – suitable for light /low density food such as mousse or vegetables to fatty/thick products such as meat or sauces.
• Similarly, there are 2 shock freezing cycles of DELICATE -18°C (at 2 settings of one positive and one negative temperature) for baked leavened products or bread and STRONG -18°C for medium-large cuts to reach -18°C at the core.