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The demands of a commercial kitchen today requires equipment that offer multi-purpose features, deliver high performance and maximum usability, is space conscious and keeps energy consumption on the down low. GIORIK has recently launched a new compact, intuitive, high–performance KORE combi oven that might meet all these requirements.

Created from the top of Giorik’s range – the Steambox Evolution, KORE is a compact oven with a built-in boiler system. This small footprint oven comes with its own patented high efficiency steam generator, which allows allows the presence of a boiler in the Kore ovens. Gas versions are also available that mount special burners that optimise the combustion process. In inventing ovens that offer maximum performance at minimum energy consumption, the new KORE combi oven by Giorik also offers:

– INTUITIVE user interface with 7’’ Touch Screen Display.
– REVERSIBLE door with left-hand hinges available upon request.
– HIGH PERFORMANCE with the high yield premix burner.
– HIGH EFFICIENCY boiler for reduced energy consumption.
– SPACE SAVING compact oven with boiler in 519mm of width.
– EASY TO USE with hundreds of pre-loaded recipes ready for use and easy for starting all the cooking programmes.

• TOTAL STEAM CONTROL – Patented steam generation with Symbiotic System (two methods of generating steam working in synergy) enabling total steam saturation: one generated by the boiler and one in direct mode.

• HUMIDITY CONTROL – Using the Meteo System, the patented humidity control system allows you to monitor the climatic situation within the cooking chamber and to promptly intervene to always maintain the correct degree of hydration necessary to achieve the ideal conditions for every type of cooking.

• QUALITY STEAM TUNING – With Steam Tuner, you can calibrate the quantity of steam that is introduced into the cooking chamber, and also determine the quality of the steam. The patented system allows you to modulate the level of hydration of the steam by calibrating the correct degree of dryness or humidity based on the type of cooking you require.

• COST-SAVING WASHING SYSTEM – Closed circuit washing system to reduce water consumption with either liquid detergent or special sanitising tablets to reduce detergent consumption.

For businesses with very high quality offer standards but limited space available, Kore can concentrate maximum efficiency in the smallest space, guaranteeing the same performance as a mixed oven.

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