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industry news: Küppersbusch and Sicotronic – collaborating for ENERGY OPTIMISATION

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energy1Energy management is now made more efficient with Kuppersbusch’s recently modified devices that are compatible with SICOTRONIC’s energy optimisation systems. The system should be able to save users between 5 – 25% in total electricity costs. SICOTRONIC is a 34-year-old company developing and selling systems for the energy optimisation of buildings. One of the companies utilising this technology is Feinkost Käfer – a company that produces famous delicatessen for large events. An evaluation on its production facility in Parsdorf found that Käfer was able to save up to €2,000 per month from their power bill in the first year. “On the 1st October alone, during the Oktober fest, we were able to save as much as 173 kW in a single day.”(Norbert Wittke, Company Director of SICOTRONIC.) “Innovation does not always mean that new devices have to be developed. Sometimes it is a better idea to continue the development within the existing product range with the aim that the end consumer obtains a truly added benefit.” (Küppersbusch’s Company Director Marc-Oliver Schneider).