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Inspired by the ancient Japanese style of cooking Robatayaki, or often known as Robata, the MIBRASA®Robatayaki is manufactured with steels of the latest technology following the most rigorous quality controls. The unit consists of two models and three sizes. With an incorporated elevating system, designed and patented by Mibrasa enabling height adjustments between the grill and hot coals to provide the chef with total control allowing them to cook with more efficiency. Optional accessories include a Teppanyaki perforated griddle, Teppanyaki flat top griddle, top grill, lower grill, grill mesh, stainless steel skewers 25/35 cm, bamboo skewers, support bars, elevating system as accessory, Robatayaki stand, Robatayaki extendable dropleaf stand and stainless steel or galvanised wheels.

Originating from the Japanese tea ceremony, which over time found its way to the north Japanese fishermen utilising this method to keep food hot while out at sea for long periods. The evolution of the Robatayaki has brought it into the modern day kitchen, where chefs prepare food and display their showmanship in front of diners allowing them to take par t in the entire cooking experience.