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There is no room for error in today’s busy commercial kitchens which require uncompromised quality, innovative and bold choices, greater efficiency and reliability. In its drive for Inventive Simplification, UNOX has just released its new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG range of ovens that offer users maximum performance, freedom, ease of use and cost savings. The MIND.Maps™ BIG oven have upgraded in terms of power, cooking performances, design, reliability and aesthetics to enable improved baking results. Details that makes all the difference

An oven gasket functions to create a barrier to hot air and steam and ensure uniform sealing action over the entire surface of the oven door, even after months and years of use. By changing the gasket shape of the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens, the chamber gasket that is made of silicone is now protected from overheated water vapours that used to reduce its mechanical performance in terms of elasticity and wear and tear. By adding an external lip with zero compression protected from the climate inside the oven’s cooking chamber, the gasket that can now last up to 3 times more than traditionally designed gaskets, thus tremendously increasing its durability.

The door assembly of the new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens are now 40% thicker than that of their predecessors, making them much stronger and more robust than ever before and guaranteeing a drastic improvement in the fluid dynamics inside its frame. Thermal insulation and air flow improvement inside the door minimises energy loss, which in turn means that there is more energy to cook the food or to preheat the oven.

The new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens are designed to reduce the mechanical and thermal stresses that oven structures are often subject to, e.g. when a chef slams the oven door shut. The BIG ovens use an extremely strong frame made of 50 mm thick welded stainless steel tubes. The lower bracket is made of a massive steel pin welded into the lower frame itself, to make it almost indestructible. When the door is closed, a ramp that is located on the other front side of the lower frame grants that the door is always in the right closing position so that the handle pin perfectly matches the latch. It also eliminates any momentum that is applied to the hinge of the door, eliminating any need of regulation from time to time.


• Ultra Fast Steam Saturation @ Steam.Maxi
The new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens can now saturate the chamber faster and better. BIG ovens do not need any time to preheat the boiler, so users can start to produce steam immediately after the door closing and can reach saturation in a matter of seconds. These carefully designed solutions imply a reduction of the cooking time by 2 to 3 minutes on a total duration of 25 minutes: 10% faster than the competitors’ equivalent units.

• Super Quick Steam Extraction @ Dry.Maxi
A good system of steam extraction creates a dry environment, which favours water evaporation from the food. The new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG line features a completely redesigned steam extraction system: the number of fans has been increased from five to six and consequently the extraction force by 20%. To increase the extraction speed by 88% and reduce the time required to empty the cooking chamber by 50%, the diameter of the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG extraction pipe has been increased from 16 mm to 20 mm.

Created from an interaction of mechanics, electronics and physics, the new CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens are high performing tools that may help you achieve great cooking and baking results and at the same time, provide savings in terms of time, energy and labour.