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new FLAME-MATE 2.0 with YPT

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March 1st, 2019 – YPT launched its new product line, the new FLAME-MATE 2.0 with a successful product launch seminar. Held at the Snug at Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection, the seminar featured in-depth information on Flame-mate 2.0 & Sharp Arrow, alongside some of the latest innovations of Flame-Mate 2.0 & Sharp Arrow in both concepts and design; followed by cocktails and dinner.

The new FLAME-MATE 2.0 is a part of the Chinese cooking equipment series YPT offers, a remarkable innovation for the brand itself. With the vision to offer the best kitchen equipment to the market, FLAME-MATE 2.0 presents a sustainability concept that goes a step forward into quality in the food service manufacturing industry. While the original FLAME-MATE was built on environmental concept, the new FLAME-MATE 2.0 focuses of sustainable development and improvement.

With the “triple win scenario” in mind, the new product strives to bring a better kitchen environment, reduce noise in the kitchen area, and offer higher cooking efficiency to chefs through reduced energy and costs. This is perceived to be a plus point for restaurant owners as the chef team begins to stabilise over an improved working environment, yielding better return from reputation while embracing the social responsibility of low carbon footprint. For customers, that only means more enjoyment from kitchen concept and better quality and variety of food.

Attesting to the yields is Chef Chan Chee Hoong, a chef at JW Marriott for 20 years. Experienced in Chinese cuisine, especially Shanghainese food, Chef Chan mentioned, “Because a kitchen typically full of Chinese chefs has a lot of conversation going on, the noise reduction from using FLAMEMATE is definitely a great deal for me as a chef! (chuckles).”

The environmental cooking range most particularly puts the process of preparing Guang-Dong style dishes, Shang Hai style dishes and Chiu Chow style dishes at ease. Also included in the range are:

1. Environmental cooking range – Chop Suey range, large wok range, open kitchen type Guang-Dong style, and open kitchen type Shang Hai style.
2. Environmental steamer – Kettle type steamer, environmental steam cabinet, single door/butterfly open door, double doors, triple doors, and roll-in steam cabinet.
3. Open flame range & stock pot stove.
4. Environmental stock pot stove & soup kettle.
5. Duck roaster & pig roaster.

A member of Yue Po Engineering Co. Ltd., YPT International Ltd. has over 39 years of history. Founded in 1982, the brand primarily engages in supplying high quality stainless steel commercial kitchen and catering equipments to local and global markets. These markets include large group of customers in all major F&B sectors such as restaurants, hotels, chain stores, fast food groups, universities, hospitals, and even public utilities!

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