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Interior_000131With signature queues in front of nearly every restaurant under their name, it is no wonder that the restaurant we are visiting is Malaysia’s fastest growing chain of Japanese restaurants. Managed and operated by Super Dining Sdn Bhd, the company manages 3 different tiers of Japanese dining.

From fine and family dining brand of RAKUZEN & HOKKAIDO ICHIBA to the fusion menu of PASTA ZANMAI and also our focus for this issue – the casual dining – SUSHI ZANMAI, SUSHI-ZEN and HOKKAIDO SUSHI restaurants – their commitment in quality Japanese food is evident.


Photos taken at new store at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.

SUSHI ZANMAI first opened its doors in 2007 in Sunway Pyramid. A casual setting restaurant, you would immediately notice that the restaurant emphasize on 1 core feature in nearly all their restaurants till today, that is an open kitchen.

The stores have maintained an identity of allowing customers to see into the kitchen and watch how food is prepared. “Everything is prepared on site” – quotes Mr Cheang, Head of F & B Division. “We have our supplies delivered to each individual restaurant and we store and ensure the freshness. We are proud of how we train the team and by allowing customers a view into our kitchens, we encourage our staff to ensure cleanliness and professional ethics at all times.”

DSC_0102DSC_0104And of course by allowing your customers into the kitchen, it is crucial that the designs of their kitchens are meticulously thought out to create a smooth work environment. “Our own in house designer makes sure of that. Our location inside shopping malls do not give us the luxury of space and at any 1 time, we have about 20 staff at the sushi and kitchen area. Some of our more important equipment are specially purchased directly from Japan to fit into our restaurants. And because of this, we work on having extra units on standby in our warehouse at all times.” adds Mr Cheang.

But the restaurants’ biggest attraction is the quality of food. Not only equipment is brought in from Japan but nearly all raw ingredients are imported by the company themself to ensure that their supply is constant and fresh. And with the extensive experience of more than 20 years in raw material selection by their lineup of experts from Japan, getting in line for seats would be something to expect whenever you visit their outlets.

The 9th store is up and running at the 1st floor of PARADIGM MALL in Kelana Jaya, Selangor.

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• Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid
• Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens Mall
• Sushi Zanmai, 1 Utama
• Sushi Zanmai, Low Yat Plaza
• Sushi Zanmai, Fahrenheit 88
• Sushi Zanmai, Mont Kiara
• Sushi-Zen, The Gardens Mall
• Hokkaido Sushi, 1 Utama
• Sushi Zanmai, Paradigm Mall