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Adande-background-1chef_01Adande, an innovative company from the UK has made an undercounter drawer model that is uniquely in a class of its own.

Using specially designed patented insulated drawer and applying basic scientific rule – the cooled airs gently drops into the drawer and are retained when the drawers are closed. This reduces fluctuations of temperature even when subjected to frequent drawer openings. And you can place the unit in the heart of your kitchen – next or below your cooking equipment – which saves time for a busy kitchen as it retains the temperature effectively.

chef_06Its versatility to change from a chiller to a freezer and vice versa at a push of a button allows you to use the unit according to your menu or according to seasonal demands. It can easily achieve 15°C to a freezing -22°C.

Paired with an ingenious airflow system that discourage airborne contaminants and breakdowns due to blocked condensors – you save both inside and out. Its performance has recorded a savings of up to 40% – 60% on your energy bills and the robust build and food grade stainless steel used withstands the tough environment in the kitchen.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”] Available now in South East Asia exclusively from Somerville Group of Companies, visit to reach your closest representative office.