fhm 2015

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fhm2Bringing together the different segments of the industry to assist potential and existing business owners, FHM2015 returned to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre where 1200 companies from 50 countries came out in full force. Additionally, 8 national group pavilions that were Fujian Province of China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA exhibited, showing that they see Malaysia as having potential.

fhm3In keeping with industry trends, 2015 was the right time to introduce The Wine Village. Organised by The Wine Academy, it was a show within a show that enabled key wine suppliers, distributors and embassies to raise their products’ profile. Visitors sampled wine variants from companies that came from Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand and Singapore to name a few. From wine appreciation to razor sharp business insights, the exclusive conference “Optimising Revenue through Innovation” by Aariana Hospitality International was attended by some 300 delegates. Key industry professionals shared their thoughts on latest trends, insights and how to best optimise the revenue management practices within the increasingly competitive hospitality industry. The event recorded 22, 759 trade visitors from some 56 countries, a 21% increase from FHM 2013 who managed to catch exciting demonstrations whether using commercial kitchen equipment to prepare delicious food or creative takes with the various brands of food supplies.

fhm4The halls came even more alive when Malaysian Celebrity Chefs took the stage. The bubbly Chef Anis Nabilah, best known for her television cooking shows such as Icip-Icip, Sesedap Rasa, Enak Tradisi and Rasa-Rasa demonstrated how to be creative with fresh ingredients from Pacific West Foods & Lucky Frozen. Meanwhile, self-taught and internationally recognised Chef Norman Musa, who has been featured on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes (BBC2), Sunday Brunch (Channel 4), MasterChef Malaysia, Islam Channel, BBC World & other media, conducted cooking demonstrations of local dishes using ingredients from exhibitors Euro Atlantic and Bestari.

fhm5FHM will return from 26-29 September 2017 bearing the theme “The Proven Recipe for Success” and expects to receive continued suppor t as already 89% exhibitors have expressed interest.

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One of the popular attractions during the recent Food & Hotel Malaysia 2015 (FHM 2015) was the STEAMPUNK automated siphon coffee brewer. It brings the siphon technique to precision by saving the calibrations; after they are being determined by the barista, ensuring that ever y cup of coffee and tea will be consistent no matter who is preparing it. The 6-step process starts with water being heated with steam to the exact brewing temperature, tea/coffee is then added for pre-infusion where gentle pulses of steam dose water over the drink. At full immersion state, additional programmed steam pulses are used to agitate the slurry during the brewing process and upon completion, the low pressure created by the condensed steam draws the liquid down into the lower chamber ready for pouring out. Seen at its exclusive distributor, Dankoff Coffee’s booth, STEAMPUNK is manufactured by Alpha Dominche, and comes in a 2 or 4 chamber setting with its operating system installed under the counter, leaving the brewing process as the centrepiece of attraction in a coffee bar.

For more information, visit http://alphadominche.com/ or http://dankoffcoffee.com