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GARLAND Green Heat Induction

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Garland Launches Next Generation of Induction with RTCSmp® – Green Heat on Demand

In the battle between cooking power and efficiency, most chefs choose power. That’s why the cooking fuel of choice for most global kitchens is gas. But with Induction by Garland, there’s no need to choose. Garland Induction with RTCSmp® (Real Time Temperature Control System with Multi Point sensing) delivers the power chefs depend on and the efficiency a profitable, modern day kitchen demands. With induction, powerful coils within the induction unit produce a magnetic field that induces a current within the cooking vessel causing it to heat up. The result is much greater precision and energy efficiency than gas fired or radiant electric burners. And, since the heat originates in the pan itself, there’s no wasteful release of heat energy into the surrounding air. No pan – No heat! Just ultra-precise cooking control that conserves valuable resources, and helps make the kitchen a safer, more comfortable working environment.

Among its many features:

• A Unique Temperature Sensing
Garland’s exclusive RTCSmp® sensing system has not one but multiple sensors which are strategically located outside of the centre to ensure positive contact with the cooking vessel for greater accuracy when sensing the temperature of the pan. Not only does this protect what is being cooked, it protects the induction unit itself.

• Cookware Versatility
Lower quality pans can have the effect of reducing the amount of energy sent to the pan. This translates to less cooking power. But Garland’s RTCSmp® sensing system more effectively regulates the energy to ensure the correct amount is being sent to deliver maximum cooking power, efficiency, and safety across a broad spectrum of available cookware.

• Product Offering
Garland offers portable and built-in Induction in a variety of configurations and power. From hobs and cook tops to wok tops to a heating and warming line. In addition, Garland offers the only commercially available Induction Griddle Line. Induction griddles offer unmatched temperature consistency across the entire surface with no hot and cold spots. In addition, they heat to temperature and recover in a fraction of the time that a traditional griddle takes.

Garland has worked with major culinary institutes, leading restaurants and chains to utilise induction in the development of high-per formance workflow and kitchen design. Induction is per fect for this ‘workstation’ approach to foodservice which is revolutionising the way in which menus are being executed. Operations report improvements in both speed and consistency, as well as reductions in waste, labour and space requirements.[hr]

garland_griddle_stimm1garland_3THE GARLAND GREEN HEAT INDUCTION GRIDDLE

Introducing the Garland Induction Griddle, available in 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 7.0 kW and 10kW models. These compact high power induction griddles have a three layer plate with a special surface coating that enhances heat transfer and uniformity to the cooking products, while minimising heat losses to the environment. The filters and splashguard are removable for easy cleaning and each unit has a LED display with a rotary dial thermostat control.

The Garland Green Heat Induction griddle gets to a maximum temperature in less than 5 minutes, and recovery is almost non-existent, thanks to the multi sensors that react immediately to any drop in temperature. With the call for more kitchens to emit less heat and reduce energy waste, you will be excited to see this winner of “Kitchen Innovation Award 2012” in action.

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