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Commercial kitchens today require highly efficient sanitation processes so that they can focus on greater productivity for the business. With loads of glassware and dishware products needing to be washed, at all different shapes and sizes, it has become even more important to meet these demands with automated washing solutions. HOBART Convince’ latest dimension commercial glasswashers and dishwashers deliver the sanitation you require, all while conserving energy and costs.

True to its motto “WORK SMART, NOT HARD”, HOBART’s warewashing machines that come equipped with new digital display touch screens and a WASHSMART app, combines extremely low operating costs with impressive operator comfort to make daily cleaning as easy as possible. Short washing times, unbeatable drying and cleaning results, as well as low water and chemical consumption complement the overall picture.

To offer its customers warewashers that can benefit any type of commercial kitchen, restaurant or bar, HOBART Convince introduces its latest range of PREMAX and PROFI dishwashers and glasswashers.

  • PROFI CS rack-type dishwasher washes 80 to 120 racks
    per hour.
  • PROFI CN rack-type dishwasher – washes 80 to 280 racksper hour.
  • PREMAX CP rack-type dishwasher – washes 120 to 320
    racks per hour.
  • PROFI GC glasswasher – basic model with cold water
    rinse for professional use in bars, restaurants and hotels.
  • PROFI GXC glasswasher – perfect solution for high wash
    capacity but low installation height under the counter.
  • PROFI GX glasswasher – large model for bars, restaurants
    and hotels with high wash capacity.
  • PREMAX GP glasswasher – premium model with maximum
    capacity. Ideal for bars and serving counters as no steam
    escapes when the door is opened.
  • PREMAX GCP glasswasher – premium model and first
    glasswasher in the world to deliver dry glasses.

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