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Every professional kitchen desires a specialised durable stove, and the new Molteni Caractère is here to fulfil the aspirations of chefs in the most renowned restaurants, hotels and private residential homes. Having established itself at the heart of some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, the latest generation of the iconic Molteni stove promises to deliver a new era of luxury cuisine with the birth of a new bespoke solution. This ultimate custom-crafted premium stove, created to blend a traditional cooking heritage with contemporary design fuses ultra-modern, high tech materials with a compact surface, stylish finishing, and a solid-steel structure, for a number of seamless, contemporary combinations.

Tailor-made and hand-crafted for every chef eager to create their own unique story, the new Molteni Caractère, can be personalised to meet their exact needs with no compromise. Whether the desire is for a unique look, optimised workflow, or a status symbol which stands out from the crowd, professionals can rest assured that their new Molteni will be the perfect fit for their kitchen.

To turn top chefs’ most sumptuous dreams into a stunning reality, the new Molteni Caractère developed by Electrolux professional features:

  • Personalised design – limited edition hand-crafted corners, classical columns, bespoke caryatids and feet embellished for everlasting beauty.
  • Artisan fabrication – expertly fashioned round controlled knobs forged in ergonomic stainless steel and cube knobs featuring luxury in simplicity with clear and unmistakable aesthetic.
  • Exquisite hand-finishing – indestructible Molteni enamel finishing panels that last even longer than steel to keep your unique stove looking stunning for years and years to come.
  • New frontiers in form – ultra-high-performance, lowmaintenance and outstandingly durable top and side panels made from Décor – the trendiest material for professional kitchens. Décor is non-porous, noncombustible and resistant to everything: scratches, abrasion, stains, heat, fire and UV.

The new Molteni Caractère represents Electrolux’s excellence in blending established heritage with a 21st century aesthetic. The result is a real integration of the classic and the contemporary; a design concept that continues to inspire and affect the senses in a subtle and elegant way.

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