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IRINOX presentation

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Irinox_IstanbulThe multi-functioning MultiFresh® blast chiller is given a boost to provide users with ease-of-use and better control with the new MyA touch screen interface. It is a perfect accompaniment to the blast chiller that combines chilling functions (cooling, freezing, thawing, chocolate) and warming functions (low temperature cooking, regeneration,
pasteurisation, proofing and holding).

Irinox_FlorianopolisWith a 7” screen interface and clear, easy-to-understand
icons depicting each functions, users are able to set parameters such as time, ventilation and core temperature to utmost precision. These settings can also be adjusted anytime to ensure the ideal process according to each product. As MultiFresh® presents convenience of multiple cooking functions in one blast chiller, chefs will be able to create their Favourite cycles and save it into the system with MyA so repeating the same process is as easy as a tap of the finger. Data logging is made easy with wireless
capabilities for easy downloading and saving data for work processes on the dedicated HACCP Control Software.

Irinox_KualaLumpurTo introduce the MyA to professionals, MultiFresh® was taken on a tour to three continents, covering over 90 countries where Irinox has a strong presence for over 20 years. European and Italian dealers met in Constantinople in Istanbul, Central and South America convened in Florianopolis, Brazil and Kuala Lumpur hosted the event for dealers of Asia and Oceania. The Irinox team comprising its Management, Area Managers, Irinox Chefs and Technical Department were present at each meeting to provide the audience with a complete understanding of the new function. Dealers were taken on a step-by-step explanation of MyA’s functionality, technical features, through food tests and were presented with new marketing instruments. Dealers also went on guided tours to experience the city and enjoy meals with the company’s staff to further encourage their working relationship.
Together with MyA, using MultiFresh® further elevates a chef’s experience in operating a flexible and efficient production process.
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