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NEW @ FoodHotelAsia2016

By June 18, 2016No Comments

As one of the most anticipated and biggest trade exhibitions, FoodHotelAsia is always on manufacturers’ calendar and many see it as a launchpad for new products as the market potential of Asia continues to expand. It is also an important event for Mise En Place and as we walked the grounds; here are some innovative equipment that we came across.

Everything within reach with DIAMANTE kitchens Commercially built stovetops come with storage columns beneath the cooking sur face. However, these columns are usually open spaces and in the busyness of work, things get messy and difficult to find; at times even potentially dangerous when it comes to storage of cooking tools. DIAMANTE kitchens are designed with organisation in mind, where things are within easy reach resulting in greater efficiency. Bottom-hung doors individually opens to where you can store your most used knives in a safe and tidy manner, a column for holding ladles and other cooking tools, a dispenser holder for condiment bottles and a spice rack. Additionally, it comes with an electronic inter face that allows settings and savings of various parametres while the Encoder function only requires a touch on the desired program, turn the knob to set the level and a press to confirm the setting to begin cooking.

GiG Pro for consistent cocktail shots

A new automatic jigger that requires no special skills yet provides a perfect ratio of cocktail components as the automated dosing prevents over-pouring and waste. Preset drinks are available in the system although users can create new flavours or modify existing ones and anyone can man the bar – select chosen mix, push a button and it only takes 5 seconds to serve up a drink. The compact unit requires no installation as it integrates onto any tabletop especially with its sleek design (customisation available as well) that also makes it a showpiece for your establishment. GiG Pro accomodates up to 15 ingredients that will be dispersed through independent channels while alert message notifies operators which bottles are low in volume. Operating the unit is done via its App which can be controlled in wireless mode.


More Ice, Less Water with Pebbles System TechnologyBeverages are an integral par t of any F&B business; not only as a necessary accompaniment to food but can be as creative as a food menu. One important component to drinks is definitely ice and ice machines are more helpful than having ice delivered ever y day. Using only 1 litre of water to produce 1kg of ice (only air cooled unit), Brema’s advanced technology makes it possible to save on water and cost in making ice. The “micro-cube”is designed as a solution between regular fast-ice (cubes) and flake ice. It is made in a shape that allows versatility in many settings such as hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, discotheques, even medical & spa facilities. Use it for normal drinks, cocktails as well as on seafood and buffet lines – could be nice to chew on for those who are fond of doing so! Pebbles produced are compact and 92% dr y to minimise ice sticking together. It comes in 7 models that can make 55kgs to 440kgs of ice in 24 hours.


Introducing VIRUTEKK®:
European Standard Equipment For Modest Budgets

The company made its foray into Asia at this year’s edition, aiming to offer business owners durable and quality equipment at favourable budgets for large scale food production as well as compact and efficient units for smaller establishments. Hailing from Russia, Virutekk partners Abat®, the country’s biggest industrial kitchen manufacturer with over 1000 employees working to produce combi-kettles and jacketed boilers, combi and convection ovens, cooking stove ranges, baking ovens and dishwashing equipment. Selected for showcase during FHA2016 was a mix of equipment that thought to best suit the market’s needs such as the labour-reducing potato and vegetable peeler and the boiling tilting pan KPEM-160-OM2 and KPEM-60-OMR (both with mixer) that is also very suitable for cooking curry and rice respectively – two important items in Asian cuisine. Visitors also saw its space-saving solution with the Mini combi steamer boiler type, convection oven and a proofer which can be stacked on top of each other.



PillarLess For A Wider View

Hoshizaki continues to offer dedicated solutions for the industry with its range of PillarLess refrigerators and freezers. Built and designed with Hoshizaki’s solid quality standards, these units offer chefs and kitchen staff the convenience and ease of loading large sized items into the unit. With the center vertical pillar removed, both doors can be easily opened wide for a quick view of what’s inside and for easy loading and removal of pans in small tight areas. Upright models comes in 4 or 6 door options whereas undercounters are available in lengths of 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.


Clean Cooking With Charcoal Ovens

Despite the advancements in the kitchen, there are chefs still keen to revisit the old ways of cooking such as charcoal grilling. But how do they do it in modern kitchens of today? MIBRASA®
Charcoal Ovens bridges the gap. Displayed at Continental’s booth, users get all the effects of charcoal grilling without soot filled cabinets and floors or the mess of handling charcoal. Designed to fit easily into today’s modern kitchen, it performs accurately like what we know charcoal does- sealing natural flavours with intense heat. Without any need for electricity, the unit is quick to star t while MIBRASA®’s patented aperture system using a weight system makes it maintenance free. Per forming as an oven or a grill, it cooks faster and cleaner by using 40% less charcoal compared to an open grill. It holds temperatures of up to 300/350°C with an option of 3 hip colours for its door; giving commercial kitchens a rustic touch. Available from tabletop to floor standing models; it comes complete with the necessary tools for operation.