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OZTI Banquet Trolley: Providing food safety and freshness

By June 18, 2016No Comments


Food served at the correct temperature not only tastes better but guarantees higher chances of safety. Banquet trolleys are often used to transport food easily from the kitchen to the line. Ozti’s refrigerator and banquet trolleys are equipped with Radiused Inner Liners to hold 2/1GN sized trays and containers. Fitted with a digital control for cabinet temperature display and settings fully compliant with HACCP standards, it also includes visible alarms. The refrigerator and cold banquet trolley both include mono block refrigeration system and wire frame condenser making it quick and hassle free to remove during maintenance. The refrigerator and cold banquet trolley have 80-mm insulated walls that are environmentally-friendly, HFC-free and has a high pressurised polyurethane insulation. It only takes 9.5 minutes for the hot banquet trolley to heat up from 21°C to 80.1°C and only loses 4°C within 3 hours. These trolleys are designed for ultimate usability with reversible doors while magnets at the side helps keep the door open while food moves in and out of the equipment alongside curved base corners and removable gaskets for easy cleaning.