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Our Panel: KDU University College

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DSC_0191aChef Lecturers from The School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts at KDU University College.

As the first and only institution in Malaysia to offer Molecular Cooking as a compulsory subject in their culinary programmes, KDU University College continues to produce quality graduates to meet the demands of the industry.

The approach of having applied programs with a 75% practical base has earned KDU UC recognition from the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) as a provider of a quality culinary education. “Exposing our students to competitions in the local and international arenas provides them the additional enthusiasm to be creative and we are proud to say that our competition team has never failed to deliver!” adds Ms. Kitty Lee, Head of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

Besides having quality training facilities- both kitchen & dining rooms on campus, the passion, energy and achievements of the Chef Lecturers is evidence that KDU UC is committed to live up to its promise of ensuring that their students learn from the best.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]The courses available:

a. Diploma in:
KDU University College
• Golf Resort Management
IMI University Centre
• International Hotel & Tourism Management
• Professional Chef Training
• Culinary Arts

b. Higher Diploma in:
IMI University Centre
• European Culinary Management

c. Bachelor (Hons), major in:
KDU University College
• Hospitality Management
• Culinary Management in Baking and Pastry
• Culinary Management in Culinary Operations
• Italian Culinary

d. Bachelor of Arts, major in:
IMI University Centre
• International Hotel Tourism Management
Majors: Hotel & Tourism Management, Events
Management, European Culinary Management

e. MBA
IMI University Centre
• International Hospitality Management[/box][hr]

From competitions in Dubai to Singapore and Hong Kong, Chef Raymond Tham has always been passionate about the patisserie or the art of baking.

From his first medal win at the Hospitality 2005 Culinary Theatre Competition in the Junior Pastry Chef Challenge in England, Chef Tham has excelled and continues to win medals for KDU UC while remaining a source of creativity and inspiration to his students of his advanced patisseries classes. His contributions as co-author of the desserts section of “Redefinition: Traditional Recipes through a Modern Kaleidoscope” has not slowed Chef Tham’s pursuit of his Master Chef Certification.

Hailing from a family with strong ties to food, Chef Enzo Neo continued the family tradition when he graduated from Sydney’s internationally renowned “Le Cordon Bleu” with Dux Award in Intermediate Cuisine and Advanced Cuisine. Chef Neo would go on to train at the legendary ARIA restaurant alongside numerous award winning chefs. Since his return to Malaysia with experience in French, Italian, Asian, Modern Australian, New Zealand and New World Cuisine has let him lead KDU UC’s competition team to sweep medals in a myriad of competitions.

Chef Neo continues to teach Molecular Cuisine Introduction, International Cuisine and Commodity Cooking at KDU University College.

As a chef that has led numerous kitchens and culinary events throughout his career, his talent has him leading and training future chefs of tomorrow. From royal events to international conferences, Chef Taufeq’s experiences have brought him from being head of these events to his involvement in the pre selection and training of contestants for the first MasterChef Malaysia TV Series.

His position as Program Leader has him overseeing the operations of 9 training kitchens in the campus besides being involved in the structuring of the Culinary program. Chef Taufeq’s is a proud graduate of Mara Institute of Technology (ITM) in various culinary disciplines and would complete his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality Management from IMI University Center Luzerne Switzerland in 2 months.

From his humble beginning in the kitchens of Singapore’s “Les Amis” and “Au Jardin Les Amis”, when they were awarded World Gourmet Summit’s Best Restaurant, Chef Darren Teoh would go on to train and learn from the 2 Michelin Star Chefs of “Noma” in Copenhagen and “Amador” in Germany.

Chef Darren remains the undisputed R&D Chef of KDU University College. The author of “Redifinition: Traditional Recipes through a Modern Kaleidoscope” made Malaysia proud as the invited speaker at the ChefSache 2010 in Germany where he shared the wonder of Malaysian cuisine with his German contemporaries.[hr]

Log on to: www.kdu.edu.my for more information.
*Photo taken in one of KDU’s many training kitchens.