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Do we believe in constantly finding ways to do things better? In an industry where trends and tastes are always evolving, keeping up with the latest needs of commercial kitchens is paramount for manufacturers. Clearly, they are not resting on their laurels and their consistent work have been recognised by certified parties, a proof that innovations must be continously pursued for excellence. Congratulations to some of our associates who recently received awards!


Category: Best New Catering
Equipment Innovation
Product: F1 Combi

Modern commercial kitchens pay a premium for space nowadays and equipment that help them do more with less space will have a place in their considerations. The F1 Combi is the “first ever all-in-one” that maximises versatility in a minimal footprint with its dual blast operation, dual gastronorm storage and dual temperature points. All housed within a compact two-door cabinet that combines a GN1/1 blast chiller/freezer on the left which can be used as a regular refrigerator/freezer and a crosswise GN2/1 refrigerator on the right. Smart usage of resource is enabled with each side having its own refrigerating system independently controlled by dedicated microprocessors. Presenting power and space, the F1 Combi is able to accomodate:
• 20 kg blast chiller (from 70°C to 3°C in 90 minutes)
• 12 kg blast freezer (from 70°C to -18°C in 240 minutes)
• 204 L refrigerator (range 0°C to 8°C)
• 204 L freezer (range -18°C to -23°C)
• 441 L refrigerator (range 0°C to 8°C)

For more information on F1 Combi and Mercatus, visit www.mercatus.pt


Product: SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses
Awarded by USA’s National Restaurant Association (NRA), this is an annual prize by one of the largest gastronomy associations. Rational has received the coveted award six times for its various advancements in combi-ovens and the 2015 edition once again impressed internationally recognised nutritionists, chefs and design experts with the world’s first intelligent cooking appliance. According to John C. Metz, convention chair for NRA Show 2015, “each year our independent panel of judges scans the entire industry to find the products that advance the entire food service industry,” and elements of judging included energy efficiency, safety, multifunctionality, speed and intelligence which Rational truly understands to be important for customers’ daily kitchen routines. The award is reflective of the company’s precise focus since 1973 till its present position of worldwide market and technology leader for hot food preparation in professional kitchens and proposes to offer its customers maximum benefits at all times.

For more information, visit www.rational-online.com

Brand: MEIKO
A leading manufacturer of commercial dishwashing solutions,
the German company received 3 accolades during the recent
Internorga exhibition; which are:

Tophotel StarAward
Category: “Innovation”
Award: Gold Tophotel StarAward for M-iQ GreenEye Technology

Calling it the green light for a clean future, the innovation combines teamwork between people and machines with lighting technology and optimum use of resource to achieve new synergies. Taking inspiration from the traffic light system, users will always know what the M-iQ is doing and how things are going for a hassle-free process and significant savings. M-iQ GreenCoach works with the principle of “detect, react, evaluate, recommend, monitor” to indicate best recommendations in order to be more economical while M-iQ GreenFilter is a new additional filter stage that uses at least 10% less fresh water and provides dosing of detergent and rinse agent based on needs.

Category: “Nonfood”
Award: Silver StarAward for M-iClean range of
undercounter dishwashers


Award: BL Medien Journals
Category: Dishwashing technology manufacturers
Award: 1st place voted by readers of BL Medien journals
GVmanager, First Class and 24h Gastlichtkeit.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Meiko Group, Klaus Engesser accepted the two Tophotel StarAwards saying that the company’s top priority is to understand and address the needs of its customers while offering outstanding service and fair partnerships, attributing to market partners and customers as important parties who fuel the company’s creative innovations. Michael Mayer, head of Meiko dishwashing technology sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland thanked readers for voting them for “Best of Market” according to value for money, quality and service; saying “it means a lot to us to know that the people who read about and use our dishwashing technology decided to vote for us. We think it shows that we offer products and solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We’re proud to have taken the number one spot!”

For more information, visit www.meiko-asia.com