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German Origin, Asian At Heart

As the Asian market continues to stake its claim as an economic powerhouse, the F&B sector is equally experiencing rapid growth and development. This scenario was recognised by Winterhalter 25 years ago as it began founding its early local subsidiaries which today is present in Malaysia, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Speaking of Land of Smiles, Winterhalter recently officiated its fourth production facility for the ValueLine range of machines in Rayong, Thailand.

Jürgen Winterhalter is confident about this move, saying, “we have been successfully active in Asia for 25 years. With our own subsidiaries in Malaysia, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand, we have built up a reliable sales and service network. Based on the principle ‘in the market for the market’, the decision to set up our own production facility in Thailand was an essential one for continued customer-oriented development of our products in Asia. From now on, ValueLine dishwashers will be constructed here exclusively for this region”.

After cementing its reputation as a leading warewashing specialist with an in-depth understanding of the Asia market and with its Asian-wide sales and service network, Rayong’s production facility serves to further strengthen the company’s presence in Asia, enabling it to leverage local sourcing opportunities and serve customers more effectively and efficiently. The ValueLine includes the undercounter warewasher U50 and the pass-through warewasher P50. Founded upon strong German engineering principles, the machines are characterised by best cleaning results, solid construction, short programme times, high reliability and ease of use and as Jürgen Winterhalter summarised: “we are sure that with our own production facilities we will be even better equipped to meet the requirements of the Asian gastronomy industry – in accordance with German standards, of course”.

Alongside technical manager Bernhard Graeff and international production manager Thomas Schubert, Jürgen Winterhalter and his wife Brigitte were received by Tobias Wimmer, the new factory’s manager. Together, they officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony according to Buddhist tradition in which the “Spirit House” was blessed by a Brahman while nine Buddhist monks carried out the blessing upon the 5264m2 size factory located in Amata City Industrial Estate of Rayong.