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WHAT’S to come in 2013

In Feature Articles, Vol. 2

QUICK SERVICE INDUSTRY TO GROW 4.9% IN 2013. “Though growth is projected to be modest – just 4.9 percent in the quickservice industry – and many challenges await operators, fast-casual operators are …

Pejai MohamadWHAT’S to come in 2013
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culinary THEMES for 2013

In Feature Articles, Vol. 2

Welcome 2013!! A new year brings new trends, new ideas and new flavours to the fore! Instead of showing an on-going trend, MISE EN PLACE is taking you on a warp speed …

Pejai Mohamadculinary THEMES for 2013
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exhaust system

In Equipment & Manufacturer, Other

Keeping your cool in a busy commercial kitchen will get things done. And its tough when you are surrounded by equipment that is emitting heat good enough to cook, literally. These plumes generated from …

Pejai Mohamadexhaust system
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meat slicers

In Equipment & Manufacturer, Food Preparation

Meat slicers are a common fixture in butcheries and delis. Its purpose as its name clearly explains slices meat into the thickness you need. The categorisation of meat slicers can be divided into …

Pejai Mohamadmeat slicers
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slush machines

In Beverage, Equipment & Manufacturer

Remember ice balls? An old fashioned treat that some of you might remember from your school days. Where crushed ice are compacted into a tight ball with syrup then poured over? The …

Pejai Mohamadslush machines
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ice machines

In Cold, Equipment & Manufacturer

ICE. Something we all take for granted in our everyday consumption – easily available, something that we can get cups and cups of or buy a bag anytime. Many establishments still buy …

Pejai Mohamadice machines
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open burners

In Equipment & Manufacturer, Hot

OPEN BURNERS OR GAS STOVES Gas stoves are considered the heart of the kitchen, as this is where the cooking is done – over the fire in a pan or pot. Over …

Pejai Mohamadopen burners