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With signature queues in front of nearly every restaurant under their name, it is no wonder that the restaurant we are visiting is Malaysia’s fastest growing chain of Japanese restaurants. Managed and operated …

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SUMO japanese restaurant

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“Will the customers accept an Americanized way of preparing Japanese food?” – was the first question that came to mind when Paul and Joanne first planned to open SUMO Japanese restaurant. The …

Pejai MohamadSUMO japanese restaurant
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In Equipment & Manufacturer, Other

When a customer walks in – everything in the restaurant plays a role in projecting the restaurants’ outlook, theme and professionalism. Though very often, we can forgive that little stubborn stain on the …

Pejai Mohamaddishwashers
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In Beverage, Equipment & Manufacturer

A cool blended beverage is a favourite of many. And bar blenders play the important role of getting the right blend and texture. If your menu has frozen margaritas, smoothies, daiquiris and others, …

Pejai Mohamadblenders
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undercounter refrigerators

In Cold, Equipment & Manufacturer

Undercounter – Undercover. Basically that explains what the undercounter is most fittingly. The chiller or freezer normally placed under a counter or the unit has 2 purposes and is sometimes seldom seen as …

Pejai Mohamadundercounter refrigerators
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deep fryers

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A deep fryer or otherwise known as Deep Fat Fryer in some countries is one of the most common equipment in the commercial kitchen. And we can understand why. Everyone loves a crispy …

Pejai Mohamaddeep fryers